Juicing vs. Smoothies

Juices have existed for a very long time and they already had many variations and there are also many tutorials on how to make one. Juice could come from fruits or vegetables and you can consume them so that you can get the various benefits. Juicing is a very good way to consume fruits or vegetablesĀ that you will not mostly eat when they are in their solid form. There are the tools that you can have so that you can extract the juice from the fruit or vegetables.

But one of the concern in juicing is that there would be the pulp that would be left that still contains fiber. This is very beneficial to the body but in juicing, it could be just discarded. That is why some prefer to make smoothies rather than juice. In smoothies, you can add all even the pulp. You can put any fruit that you like in it. What you will just need is a blender and some base to start the smoothie.

The base could be milk or water or yogurt. Add the fruit that you like and then blend together. Your smoothie is now ready. The good thing about making your own is that you know what is the content of what you are eating. In some areas, they add sugar as a sweetener and other ingredients that have a content of high calorie. It could destroy the healthy effect of the fruits that are in the smoothie. Juicing is good and so does smoothieĀ as you can get benefits.