Dietary Management

Having a an acidic stomach could give you discomfort. Acidity is not a good experience and it could be severe as it can lead to other sicknesses. But you can make some adjustments in the way you eat so that you can beat the acidity. One of the most common advice you can hear is that break down your meals into smaller portions. Avoid eating in large sizes and also eat at the proper time. Maintaining the regular eating time is a good practice. It is also being advised that you do not drink just before you will eat.

Do not drink much when eating. Exercise is good but it should not be done when you just finished eating.

In addition to your food concern, bland foods are good for you as much oil is not good.  Fruits are the ones recommended and also a salad. When it comes to the snack concern, you can have biscuits which are not cream in flavor or form. A sandwich is also good, ice creams, custard, buttermilk, curds, and puddings are allowed, and recommended. You can also drink cold milk before going to sleep.

For the food that you should avoid, there is the coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs(painkillers, aspirin). Canned foods should also be avoided as there could be chemical irritants. Citrus fruits are not good and also uncooked vegetables, spices, apple, and tea. One of the reasons for having acidity is stress so try and lessen it the way you like. When you eat it is best if you will take the time to relax for 20 minutes and also after eating.